Toad® for SAP Solutions

Speed up development and automate administration tasks on SAP databases

Product Highlights

SQL Editor

SQL Editor

Build SQL with minimal keystrokes, or use the visual query builder and never touch your keyboard. Generate queries and reports and perform SQL development and optimization faster.

Powerful task automation

Powerful task automation

Automate and schedule frequent and repetitive tasks.


Easy object management

Create and manipulate database objects through intuitive GUIs, and easily view dependency information for an object.

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Advanced features are available to users with Trial or Commercial licenses.

Key Features

Performance bottlenecks diagnosis and resolution

Rapidly find the root cause of system, database or application performance issues and make necessary corrections with our Spotlight on SAP ASE component.

SQL Optimizer for SAP ASE

Tune application performance with automated SQL scanning, optimization and index impact analysis.

Visual database map

Mitigate the risk of making changes by seeing which objects will be impacted by this action.

Collaboration via Toad Intelligence Central

Share Toad artifacts through Toad Intelligence Central for improved collaboration with colleagues.

Enhanced Toad library

Access and manage all your Toad files using Toad’s intuitive new library feature.

SQL script recall

Track any SQL executed during your Toad session. Save time by eliminating the need to retype commonly used SQL.

Group execute

Process scripts and code snippets against multiple servers and instances.

Log reader

Roll back transactions in the transaction log without restoring from a backup.

Security management

Build and execute security-related scripts against multiple servers to create, manage and replicate security for all users.

Toad for SAP Solutions

Speed up development and automate administration tasks on SAP databases

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